A Tangle of Ivy


I took this photo on Android phone, then sent it to iPad where I used ‘Photogene’ Comic Filter to really accentuate the ivy as it clambers among the trees and the undergrowth.
I think it looks quite alien and a little ‘creepy’.

Image by Oscarimages.


St Michael’s Sword.

When I first saw this on my iPad, I thought it looked like the Archangel’s sword pointing down from Heaven. The River Wensum, Norwich.

Image by Oscarimages



Here is Barnaby, my sister’s cat. Above is the original, and below after I’d cloned out the remotes and the cushion. And then added ‘Photogene’s Comic Filter to show Barnaby’s beautiful tabby markings to perfection


Images by Oscarimages.

York Minster Fire.


On July 9th 1984, the South Transept of York Minster was engulfed by flames causing approximately £1m of damage.
There were various theories as to the cause ranging from UFOs to Divine Retribution. But it was later confirmed that lightning was the most likely cause. But there were many who said that there was NO lightning that night, but there was; I saw it. There was even a theory that, as York Minster is on a ley line a high level of energy was generated after the enthronement of The Bishop of Durham, and the controversy surrounding him and his statement about the Virgin Birth.

Above, York Minster in flames made more dramatic by ‘Pixilmatic’ Antonio Filter

Photo, Oscarimages

Alton Water


Alton Water, Nr Ipswich, Suffolk. I used Pixlmatic’s ‘Antonio’ filter for a warmer effect. Also just above the trees in the background a water tower was spoiling the view so I cloned that out but I still need more practice with that and maybe a stylus.

Alton Water is a lovely area for a stroll with lots of photo opportunities thanks to the varied flora and fauna.

Photo, Alton Water by Oscarimages

Honeysuckle Leaves.


Today it is quite mild in Norwich, UK. All the birds are very busy now finding mates and claiming territory. The Robin is singing until late at night and sometimes he can be heard in the early hours of the morning.
My honeysuckle is sporting new leaves now. This is his second year with me and I hope he has more flowers than he did last year.

Honeysuckle by Oscarimages