Spooky Country Road.

Photographs tell stories. Even if we don’t know the location where the photo’ was taken, we can look at it and it ‘speaks’ to us. I have experienced this many, many times and when I saw this photo, it spoke volumes.

20120204-145744.jpg I think it is a very claustrophobic image. The dark shadows cast by the trees and foliage, the loneliness and silence. And something happened here I feel. Maybe recently, maybe many many years ago. But that’s the feeling I get when I look at the image. It’s eerie and something is there, waiting and watching.
It appears thundery as well, so that adds to the overall spooky atmosphere and I bet the sky, if we could see it is gunmetal grey and soon, lightning will be seen flickering through those trees.

The image was very different before I ‘doctored’ it with ‘Photogene’s’ new cloning tool.

20120204-150736.jpg I had to get rid of the sign and barrier as it spoils the image badly I think.
It’s not perfect (my cloning skills need honing) but it does show what can be done with apps and an iPad.


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