Marina Morning.


Ipswich Marina. 22/10/14


Stormy Sky.

Ipswich, UK. 2/07/13

I took this image of the amazing clouds which appeared over most of East Anglia at 09:30 this morning. I have never seen sky like this before, and I think it looks like an X-ray of giant bones.
The photo doesn’t do it justice as there were swirling holes in amongst the ‘bones’ and waves.

Shortly afterwards, much of East Anglia was hit by a wave of thunder storms much needed after very hot weather in the UK.

Whence Winds Do Blow


The lake at Emberton Park near Olney with the spire of St Peter And St Paul’s church in the distance

The top of the famous spire at St.Peter and St.Paul has a weather cock inscribed:

“I never crow but stand to show whence winds do blow. 1829”.The top of the spire was restored in 1884 and is a different colour. The spire reaches a height of 185 feet [56.5 m.].