Stormy Sky.

Ipswich, UK. 2/07/13

I took this image of the amazing clouds which appeared over most of East Anglia at 09:30 this morning. I have never seen sky like this before, and I think it looks like an X-ray of giant bones.
The photo doesn’t do it justice as there were swirling holes in amongst the ‘bones’ and waves.

Shortly afterwards, much of East Anglia was hit by a wave of thunder storms much needed after very hot weather in the UK.


Lightning Strike.


This image is a capture from a film I took of a very low and angry looking storm cell on 4/08/12. The lightning doesn’t look much but the resulting thunder was very loud and like a gun shot. It is the first time that I have filmed lightning and I was really pleased with the result. I made the still into B&W to capture the drama of the moment.

York Minster Fire.


On July 9th 1984, the South Transept of York Minster was engulfed by flames causing approximately £1m of damage.
There were various theories as to the cause ranging from UFOs to Divine Retribution. But it was later confirmed that lightning was the most likely cause. But there were many who said that there was NO lightning that night, but there was; I saw it. There was even a theory that, as York Minster is on a ley line a high level of energy was generated after the enthronement of The Bishop of Durham, and the controversy surrounding him and his statement about the Virgin Birth.

Above, York Minster in flames made more dramatic by ‘Pixilmatic’ Antonio Filter

Photo, Oscarimages